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Thank you for your visit. Some of the items on our site may be considered offensive to some viewers, we are sorry if you are one of those. We do not worry about being misunderstood or soft-selling our opinion, we are direct and to the point. If you find this offensive we advise you to leave our site now. We don't want to please every one, we target our message to those who find that honesty is the best policy.

We take off the gloves and punch below the belt with our humor, in fact we even kick, scratch and rake the eyes of those who are to scared to say the truth. We do not tolerate the Politically Correct, hypersensitive wimps that are taking away free speech in the name of getting along. We are proud to offend those who have corrupted our freedoms for their own gain. As a matter of fact if you can't handle the truth when it is placed in front of your face, you need to put your head back in the hole you tried to pull it out of rather than using the Gov't to try and put our head there.

This is not hate speech or offensive speech it is FREE SPEECH!

If you are not offended by our message please support us by purchasing our products and wearing them proudly, or better yet send us your slogan and design and we will give you credit for that idea right on the shirt in plain sight. Become a NOT2PC Designer Today. Uncle Sam Wants You to be NOT2PC and FREE!


We are a group of conservative Libertarians who are tired of watching the freedoms we love slowly disappear. Because our leaders have decided that it is better to not offend those who would tear down the founding principals of this great nation, than to stand up for what we as individuals hold sacred the fraud of Political Correctness has infected the soul of our nation. We believe that the freedom to speak your mind, no mater who is offended is part of what our founding fathers had in mind when they set down the 1st amendment.

Our product attempt to allow all voices express their opinion with out regard to the feelings of others who may disagree.

We wish to apologize if you are offended by our products and we hope that some day you will learn to except that you are not the center of the universe and that not all people think and act like you, nor do they care if you care. So lighten up and get a sense of humor and stop taking yourself so serious, because we don't.



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